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We’ve helped many students over the years.  Here is what they have to say about the impact we’ve had on them!

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  • Carrie Wilson

    Both of my boys have been recipients of the scholarship, and both at times when it would have been necessary for us to scale back or not participate in ski club or skiing at all. Ski Club is more than just skiing – the bonds formed with fellow skiers, responsibility learned from having to prepare for club night and be accountable for their own gear and actions, etc. are all realized through participation in the program.
    It has also brought our sons together in a different activity; again, strengthening the relationship between the brothers, providing an activity they can enjoy together for years to come.

  • Pam Welch

    We are soooo grateful to the Delforte family for the scholarships for our ski club!!! The smiles, friendships and athletic skills are priceless. I had a new student this year from Syria. Never having seen snow, she was intrigued by skiing. Due to the generosity of the Delforte’s, she was able to participate in ski club. She went from never ever to skiing the most difficult trails at Bristol. Her smile was huge and her eyes bright with delight. Thank you so much!!!

  • craig Foster

    The Scott Delforte Foundation has been a real blessing for my son Aven ! Last year Aven was lucky enough to be one of the recipient of the scholarship.. This was Avens first year skiing beside backyard skiing.. Not only did he excel on the slopes going form the Bunny hill at the beginning of the Ski School to the Black Diamonds at the end. He also enjoyed the friendships he developed with his fellow skiers. He know has a passion for skiing !! Thank you Scott Delforte Foundation your doing a GREAT THING FOR THESE KIDS !

    • Karen Piscitelli

      We are beyond grateful of receiving the Scott Delforte scholarship, our daughter is 8 and she love the snow and snowboarding, after living for 4 years in Colorado we moved back this year and while we still settling down and establishing our business back in the area.
      We feel so blessed to be able to keep our kids on what they love to do during the winter. and be in such a great community.
      Thank you so much.

  • Mark Thomas

    I have been a ski club adviser for over 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me the generosity and opportunities The Scott Delforte Foundation provides to so many kids. We have had multiple recipients, over the years, here in Holley. From underprivileged students to students whose families are battling terminal cancer and other challenges life has thrown their way, these have been a multitude of scholarships given that have made a lasting impact. I am forever grateful to the Foundation and all those who donate and are a part of it. Truly, the opportunities you’ve provided have, and will, last a lifetime for many of these young people. Thanks you!

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