The Scott Delforte Foundation originated to honor Scott’s life. Scott loved life and all of its treasures, skiing being one of those treasures. As a family, we spent our childhood weekends at Bristol Mountain. Skiing has provided our family (immediate and extended) with so many great memories and traditions. In many ways skiing together provided us with a strong sense of family. Scott kept up with those traditions with his own family and of course, included our families as well. That was just his way….Family, Friends, and building strong values.

The main objective of The Foundation is to provide local grade school students the opportunity to participate in their respective schools ski/snowboard program. The Scott Delforte Foundation works closely with Bristol Mountain and the snow sports adviser from local area school districts to locate and provide for students wanting to experience the wonders of snowboarding and skiing. An experience many of us take for granted. Without the support of the foundation and it’s sponsors these students would not be able to participate. Each year the Foundation raises funds through an annual event, The Scott Delforte Park Jam at Bristol Mountain, and our corresponding raffle (along with other fundraising efforts). Over the years we have developed partnerships with local business that have provided generous donations and support. In February 2019, we will hold our 15th annual Park Jam event. Something to take back to your students is the origin of the Scott Delforte Park Jam. As a senior project Toby and John, two students from Webster, were required to plan and promote and event. Just as we (The Delforte’s) did, John and Toby approached the Bristol staff for ideas and opportunities. John and Toby are skiers and boarders. As luck should have it we arrived at similar times and Bristol introduced us. Out of that meeting in the spring of 2004 the Scott Delforte Memorial Park Jam was born! It is a senior project that has enriched the lives of hundreds of local students! The Scott Delforte Foundation encourages all students to take pride in such projects, who knows what will become of it.

The Scott Delforte Foundation has provided assistance to 521 students from over 35 local schools over the past 16 years. During the 2019-20 winter season we provided for 66 students (over $17,000.00). Applications are sent to the student’s respective School’s snow sports adviser in conjunction with the snow sports club information from Bristol Mountain, in September. We request that the applications be returned for review no later than November 1st. In year’s past, the demand and needs have been greater than our ability to support them. The average cost to provide a single student the ability to participate in ski/snowboard club is $250.00. This includes 4-8 lift tickets, lessons, and equipment rental, depending on the individual’s school program and the student’s ability.

The Scott Delforte Foundation became officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization on February 12, 2009.